Through intense and extensive research focused primarily on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, our team has developed smart materials and advanced technology with applications in the biomedical, environmental, food and technology fields. The discoveries, spearheaded by Professor Roveri, have been featured in international journal publications and the team has been honored with several prestigious awards. We invite you to meet our team below!

Our Team

Professor Norberto Roveri
Professor Roveri has studied since 1972 the structure and stability of fibrous proteins and the chemical mechanism of inorganic deposits in biological calcified tissues. The experience gained through the study of the biomineralization processes was subsequently used to conduct research about the use of polymer matrices as nucleating and tempering agents of inorganic crystals of biological and environmental interest.

The research of Professor Roveri focused mainly on the design, synthesis, physical and chemical characterization and reactivity of inorganic biomaterials and inorganic-polymeric materials with functionality and innovative potential for applications in orthopedic, dental and maxillofacial and cardiovascular surgery. Biomimetic, nanotechnology and supramolecular approaches characterize his research that is currently oriented to the study of ‘surface activity of inorganic nanocrystals able to release biologically active molecules with controlled kinetic and interact selectively with the’ biological environment.

The same skills and knowledge are used for the preparation of inorganic geomimetic nanotubes with relevant applications in both the technological and environmental issues related to the toxicity of the ‘asbestos and particulate pollution. Recently Professor Roveri has studied the characterization of atmospheric particles, paying special attention to the inorganic component and fibrous and related chemicals link with biological systems responsible for its toxicity.