Our patented, groundbreaking asbestos remediation process utilizes agro-food acid waste to denature asbestos into harmless components, with no emission into the environment and no waste produced.

How does this work?

Asbestos concrete is placed into agro-food acid waste at room temperature.
At room temperature, the acid waste denatures asbestos into CO2 and metals, releasing all asbestos fibers into water.
Agro-food waste in a reactor at 200°C and 6 bar pressure completely denatures the asbestos into metals, fertilizing elements, and water.

Key Features

Our patented technology is an innovative, ecological and highly economically efficient chemical process for the denaturation of concrete-asbestos.

Minimal energetic consumption
Total destruction of asbestos fibers
No waste
Asbestos is dangerous. So dangerous in fact that countries across the globe have begun to ban its use. There is currently no definitive solution for the disposing of asbestos without significant risk and significant cost.

Application Field

The application fields vary from in-use concrete-asbestos management to the management of asbestos landfills.

Over the last century, 174 millions tons of asbestos were produced. This harmful composite has actually been banned in 60 countries across the globe. There is a critical need for a safe and economical way to dispose of asbestos. We’ve solved it.
Source: ETUI-REHS      Source: Internal Ban Asbestos Secretariat - 2015


Construction and operation of a plant is required to use our patented technology of denaturation.


A small number of personnel would be required to handle the storage and loading of waste input and output products.

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